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Too many parameter sets

Apr 5, 2011 at 6:58 AM

Hi. First I want to say: What a great job.

I downloaded and tried it out just for fun. When I take help on some of the cmdlets it appears that they have a *lot* of parameter sets. So many indeed that it is overwhelming and confusing. There is no way to figure out the subtle differences between the parameter sets. This complexity is going to become a big barrier to adoption of this gem.

I think you should consider consolidating some (many) of the parameter sets or alternatively refactor the cmdlets into more cmdlets dealing with different classes (or some other way to divide them). You could reduce complexity by to introducing cmdlets such as New-DnsARecord, New-DnsAAAARecord?

Perhaps you could consider making a dns: PSDrive ?

May 11, 2011 at 4:05 PM

Yeah, I agree, I think up to 16 parameter sets in some cases. And I do agree that it makes it really hard to use. Initially at least I was most interested in making record creation with pipelines system. That is, take a CSV that defines records, including type and data, then have the CmdLet select the right fields from the input.

I had originally considered lots of extra CmdLets then decided that was harder. Ho hum.

PSDrive... I hadn't really considered it, in part because the WMI provider really doesn't lend itself to hierarchical queries, and in part because I don't know how :)

Anyway, it's something I obviously need to spend more time on, thanks very much for your feedback.