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DnsShell is a Microsoft DNS administration / management module written for PowerShell 2.0

Bugs, issues and suggestions

Please do report any and all bugs you experience using this module (or failing to use this module). Hopefully Discussions and Issue Tracker on here will allow that. If not, please drop a comment onto my blog (or e-mail me if you can guess my easy-to-guess address):

I'll either raise it as an issue or fix it (depending on severity / difficulty).

The same applies for issues and suggestions.


  1. Extract to one of the paths shown by $Env:PSModulePath
  2. Run: Import-Module DnsShell

Notes (issues that will not effect module functionality):
  • Import-Module will throw an error on import if the Execution Policy requires all files to be signed. The format file is not signed.


DNS Resolver

  • Get-Dns

WMI Wrappers

  • Clear-DnsCache
  • Get-DnsRecord
  • Get-DnsServer
  • Get-DnsZone
  • New-DnsRecord
  • New-DnsZone
  • Remove-DnsObject
  • Reset-DnsZoneType (no Get-Help)
  • Resume-DnsZone
  • Set-DnsRecord (no Get-Help)
  • Set-DnsServer (to be completed)
  • Set-DnsZone (to be completed)
  • Set-DnsZoneTransfer (no Get-Help)
  • Start-DnsScavenging
  • Start-DnsService
  • Stop-DnsService
  • Suspend-DnsZone
  • Update-DnsZone
  • Update-DnsZoneFile

Active Directory

  • Get-ADDnsPartition
  • Get-ADDnsRecord
  • Get-ADDnsZone
  • New-ADDnsRecord (to be completed)
  • New-ADDnsZone (to be completed)
  • Remove-ADDnsRecord (to be completed)
  • Remove-ADDnsZone (to be completed)
  • Set-ADDnsRecord (to be completed)
  • Set-ADDnsZone (to be completed)

Version History / Release Notes


  • Fixed Incremental Zone Transfer requests


  • The Name property on both DnsShell.Management.Zone and DnsShell.ActiveDirectory.Zone has been renamed to ZoneName to allow greater control of the pipeline
  • The parameter used to set the primary authoritative server in an SOA record has been changed to SOAServer instead of TargetName to allow unique parameter set selection
  • Get-DnsZone now has a parameter allowing you to select


  • Get-DnsZone: Added filter for Zone Type
  • New-DnsZone: Modified parameters to accept pipeline input. Fixed Help file.


  • Get-Dns: Added support for EDNS and NSID. Note: EDns is not included in the standard List view (FL * / Select EDns / Select -Expand EDns)
  • Get-Dns: Added Server IP, packet size (bytes) and TimeTaken (ms) to return object
  • Get-Dns: Modified output formatting. Added QuestionToString, AnswerToString, AuthorityToString and AdditionalToString
  • Get-Dns: Changed *Count the property names for the Count fields in the packet header
  • New-DnsRecord: Fixed output bug (removed raw return of WMI parameter object for PTR record type)

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